The Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group SW Hedgerows Project, in partnership with the Woodland Trust, is offering grant aid for planting new hedgerows across the 6 counties of the South Western Region by April 2017. An 80% grant on hedgerow plants and tree guards is available. There is a minimum length of 100m and a maximum length of 1500m per holding.  The Woodland Trust will provide the hedging plants from their nursery using UK sourced and grown stock.

Countryside Stewardship. Farmers and other land managers may be eligible to apply for an agreement with Natural England that will provide financial support for their land management including hedge restoration and management.

The Countryside Stewardship: Hedgerows and Boundaries Grant is open for applications from 1st February to 28th April 2017. This is a stand alone capital grant for farmers and other land managers to help provide environmental and landscape benefits on their land.