Countryside Stewardship. Farmers and other land managers may be eligible to apply for an agreement with Natural England that will provide financial support for their land management including hedge restoration and management. This FWAG summary helps explain availability and rates of payment for hedges in Countyside Stewarship and the Sustainable Farming Initiative.

Countryside Stewardship Mid Tier and Wildlife Offers gives you access to a wide range of options and capital items. You can choose those most relevant to your farm business and local environmental priorities.

Management options include:

  • Manage land for the benefit of local wildlife
  • Support local priority habitats including species-rich grasslands, wetlands, rivers, streams, ponds, ditches, hedges, orchards, wood pastures and parkland
  • Manage flood-risk in your local area
  • Reduce soil erosion and improve water quality
  • Convert and manage land to organic certification standards
  • Manage and maintain landscape features

The Woodland Trust are funding new hedges through MOREhedges. They can help with funding if you’re planting new hedgerows on your land. They can subsidise up to 75% of the cost, if you plant more than 100 metres of new hedging allowing a large tree to grow every six metres.