Lines of Enquiry files

1: Hedges make my world go around

Follow the life cycle of the brown hair streaked butterfly. Look at food chains of the butterfly and other animals found in hedgerows. Read classic and contemporary poems about butterflies and try writing your own haiku poem.

2: First settlers: Where would you choose to live and create reaves?

Work in groups to understand how Iron Age settlers would have lived and try creating your very own imaginary settlement.

3: Why should we care about hedgerows and farming?

Hedgerows are very important in farming. Look at where our food comes from and how this compares to different countries around the world. Consider the different farming methods used today.

4: What was happening on the day that you were born?

Work out how old hedges in Devon are and who was the monarch of England at that time. Investigate what was happening on the day that these hedges were “born”.

5: Why were these three hedges planted?

Use maps and aerial photography to discuss different field boundaries present and understand that hedges are used for different purposes.

6: From hedgerow to Brusho?

Undertake a piece of group art work using a variety of media, trying out different tools and techniques.

7: Why are hedges important to farmers?

Understand why farmers do what they do with hedgerows. Write a persuasive piece to encourage farmers to keep their hedgerows.

8: Food from the hedgerow

This is an ‘outdoor classroom’ session. Appreciate the diversity of woody shrubs and herbaceous plants, including edible plants, in Devon hedgerows and learn basic outdoor cooking techniques.

9: What is the biodiversity of the hedges in our local area?

What is biodiversity? Why is it important and how this applies to Devon’s hedgerows. Undertake your own search for animals and plants in your local hedges.

10: What is the best way to keep a hedgerow healthy?

Understand that hedgerows need maintenance and management if they are to function well. Work in pairs to discuss different techniques to manage hedges and why we should all look after our hedgerows.